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City of Memphis and the Shelby County Jail


City of Memphis and the Shelby County Jail

Within the county lines of the southwestern most point of Tennessee, you will notice Memphis. Memphis is known for its  blues music scene and unique style of barbeque cooking. It is also known for its diligent task force and community efforts put in place by the Shelby County Jail and Sheriff's Office.

Outside of community services and maintaining the peace of the county, the employees of the City of Memphis and Shelby County Jail are dedicated to assisting you. If you are looking for a loved one you think may be detained, you can call the County Jail any time at (901) 222-4700. Most counties of notable populations in the United States separate the male from the female detainees or inmates. Memphis is no exception to the separation of the sexes.

If you are looking for a male inmate, look no further. You are nearly guaranteed success connecting with the downtown Memphis location found at 201 Poplar Avenue. If the women's facility is what you are searching for, you will find it in east Memphis, located at 6201 Haley Road.

Some of us are not able to drop everything we're doing to help someone we know. It might be hours before you can make it to the county jail in person. If you are not able to arrive right away, that is ok. There is plenty of information you can get online or via phone conversation. The City of Memphis and the Shelby County Jail offers an online inmate search. If you would like to begin utilizing this free and easy to use interface you can find it on the web at: Know, however, that going to the jail in person is almost inevitable.

The current facilities of the Shelby County Jail also have room to hold approximately 70 juveniles on any given day. Most juveniles in the Shelby County Jail records are booked because of violent crimes. Concerned members of Shelby County are looking to the local governments for assistance. Residents are invested in the youth of their community's futures. It has been requested that the county provide more funding for after school and outreach programs necessary to keeping the youth occupied.

A majority of the inmates sentenced and booked are men or women who belong to a lower socio-economic status. Some government officials believe dumping money into programs for the already under privileged will not make enough difference. Others argue funding for school programs is exactly what we need. All of the concepts presented have been taken into account with the current positioning of Tennessee's economy. In a whole, the government officials of Tennessee believe additional funding to educational programs designed to prevent teen violence is difficult to provide for.

Having a strong family system is essential. A family designed around healthy communication, positive attitudes and supportive mentalities are less likely to become criminals. Homes consisting of frequent fights, broken promises and abuse, no matter how acute, creates obstacles for many teens to overcome. Being a teenager, discovering a sense of identity is difficult on its own. Throw in a troubling family environment and you have a recipe for potential criminal activity.

If you have been asked by someone you know to bail them out of jail, it's good to know that you have options. It is not a requirement to post bail for someone upon request. The decision is yours and yours alone to make. However, it is almost always the humane thing to do, as being detained in jail can be a traumatic experience for many people. If you find yourself in a financial pickle trying to post bail, you could rest assured that our bail bond company may be able to help you get your friend or family member released quickly.

 Some communities, neighborhoods or groups of families, will have fund raisers to post bail for a loved one.

Awaiting sentencing can be one of the most emotionally difficult times for anybody. Being at home while working through the mental processing of potential jail time, or even imprisonment, can be very important to the accused defendant in question. Experiencing a hard time is best done when you can be surrounded by those you love.

However, during an inmate's time out on bail, they may be a chance  they are placed under house arrest or surveillance of some kind. It is essential to the continuing freedom of the alleged defendant to be diligent in being proven innocent. It is also important for them to stay out of anything potentially incriminating.

Having a successful lawyer who specializes in the type of case you are involved in will be one of your most useful tools. Another useful tool is patience for the system. The paperwork trail is long and the ability to process the information is, at times, more than humanly possible. Use your time gathering as many witnesses as you can. If there are not witnesses available you can seek out individuals willing to speak positively on your behalf when the trial date arrives.

If you know someone who is being detained at the City of Memphis or the Shelby County Jail, contact our bail bond company to get all of your bond related questions answered promptly. It's our job to help you get your family member or friend out of jail in a timely and efficient manner.